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The start of something new

This week a new group of blooming teachers have arrived at Kranti Yoga Village, and the wheels of the second round of 300h Vinyasa Flow YTTC have just started rolling. During the first few days of a yoga teacher training course, I swear you can smell the anticipation all around; and literally feel the good vibes on your skin. I’m pretty sure that anyone who inhaled deeply at the Shala this last week, had their lungs filled with pure positivity and light.

Having just had the pleasure of attending the first round of 300h Vinyasa Flow YTTC, I know it’s going to be beyond magical. Perhaps contrary to popular belief though, I’ve learnt that a crucial ingredient in most types of magic is hard work. The 300h Vinyasa Flow YTTC students embarking on this adventure, will certainly face a multitude of challenges in the weeks to come. Challenges designed to serve as the water and sunlight their inner seeds of growth need to bloom and flourish.

Getting started

The first week of 300h Vinyasa Flow YTTC is filled with warm welcomes, receiving school bags and all the written material you will need, as well as meeting loads of wonderful, new, potentially life-long friends. In addition, every day (except for the much-appreciated Sunday off) is greeted with a morning practice. The morning practices can be challenging technical flows with a peak posture, mindfully working towards accessing advanced asanas, or, beautifully meditative Ashtanga led classes.

Among other things, the days also consist of pranayama and meditation classes, delving into adjustments and alignment skills, as well as both anatomy and philosophy—in other words: exploring the multifaceted aspects of yoga.

Sharing the love: Philosophy teacher Laura

“Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render to the world”
– Ramana Maharashi

Laura is in charge of yoga philosophy on the 300h Vinyasa Flow YTTC. She is the kind of teacher that absolutely radiates real passion and curiosity about her subject. Even going through the more abstract and fluid aspects of the curriculum, she always manages to keep at least one toe on the ground, often providing laughter- and insight provoking examples from her own life. Always bringing a stack of books to class, she also implements anecdotes and tales drawing on everything from Vedic texts to more modern, popular literature.

One evening this week, I spend a couple of hours assisting photographer Mindy, shooting pictures of Laura for an advanced manual for the 300h Vinyasa Flow YTTC. As Laura seemingly effortlessly, breaths and twists her body into one of the asanas, Mindy turns to me and says:

“She’s so inspiring, isn’t she? … I used to think I liked yoga ‘cause I went to the gym and stuff. But Laura likes yoga. And she has books”

She’s so right. Laura’s knowledgeable and simultaneously humble presence is truly inspirational. From where I’m standing, Laura seems to exemplify what I’ve heard they say will happen if you have a holistic, dedicated yoga practice: asana inspiring philosophical inquiry, and philosophical inquiry transforming the asana practice. Attending Laura’s classes during 300h Vinyasa Flow YTTC was my favourite part of the day. This might have just a little bit to do with the fact that it was one of the few occasions during the day where I could sit down for more than a few minutes. But mostly it had to do with the atmosphere Laura created.

To my question about why she teaches philosophy, Laura answered:
“I teach yoga philosophy because it encourages this inquiry into the nature of the self and it is my dharma to heal myself and others through this miraculous path.”

*** Stay tuned for more glimpses into the 300h Vinyasa Flow YTTC, and to meet other absolutely amazing teachers and students ***