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Our Team

We believe that our teachers are an invaluable part of Kranti Yoga. Our teachers have been long term practitioners at the school and continue with their studies under Kranti's tutelage.  

We accommodate the needs of our students, physically, spiritually and emotionally. All our teachers have trained at Kranti Yoga and have learnt yoga in the traditional Hindu way, living 7-8 months of the year in our shala with Kranti. During this time, they deepen their own Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice, improve their knowledge of yogic philosophy, learn how to teach yoga and live a truly yogic lifestyle.

In our approach to teaching, we aim to have a balance of both Eastern and Western teachers so that students get a healthy balance of yoga from both perspectives. We talk about asanas using both Western and Eastern anatomy. We discuss Eastern philosophy with a Western structure. We believe we bring a Western influence to the Yogic Indian. Great emphasis is put on ensuring that a consistent message is given to students whether classes are taught by our Indian or Western teachers.

We have the best people teaching and organising the courses. The variety of backgrounds and prior life experience that each of our teachers come with allows the team to guide you through your learning journey effectively. We aim to teach in a progressive yet fun environment, encouraging everyone to learn and share along the way.

Meet the team...

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Tarun Kranti Agrawal

Tarun Agrawal, founder and director of The Kranti Yoga Village, was born in 1980 in Chhattisgarh, Middle India. Following a family tradition, at the age of 9, he frequented a guru named Sant Chana Baba for meditation and yogic spiritual talks. Chana Baba was an old Tantra Master living in a temple located on Shakti Mountain. He gave Tarun his spiritual name, Kranti, meaning revolution. It is no surprise that this has therefore become the name of his successful business, a yoga school with accommodation, on Patnem Beach, Goa.

Tarun started his spiritual journey when he was just a boy.  He started Asana Classes with Swami Vidhyanand Saraswati at Sivananda Kutir Yoga Ashram and was trained there in several different styles of yoga: Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Sivananda, Kundalini and Raja. During this period, he was also taught Ayurveda by Dr. Manoj Sharma. He started teaching yoga at the age of 14.

In 1999 he became a member of The Divine Live Society Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh and stayed there for around 2 years. During this time, he was exposed to many spiritual Indian masters who influenced and molded his thinking and lifestyle.

In 2001, having stayed in several different ashrams, he taught Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga at OSHO International Ashram, Pune.  At the same time, he furthered his training at Jagan Mohan Palace in Mysore over the course of 3 years. Here, he was able to deepen his knowledge of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Since then, he has dedicated himself to teaching others this dynamic and powerful form of yoga.

In 2007, Tarun started his own yoga shala (school) in Goa and has since been teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.  Tarun was certified by The Yoga Alliance in 2010. At this time, he started travelling throughout Europe giving numerous classes and workshops. His reputation grew.  His once simple shala on Palolem Beach has evolved into a yoga community on Patnem Beach, The Kranti Yoga Village.

And so, Tarun continues to share his knowledge of yoga through his team. He is proud to have developed many of his former students to become yoga teachers in order to support the learning journey that comes with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga on the Yoga Teacher Training Courses.   As the school grows, so to do our teachers, all under the close supervision and guidance of Tarun himself. His policy is that his teachers are trained with him in the authentic Indian way, living most of the year, with him in the shala. Tarun believes strongly in promoting the spiritual side of yoga to support the physical. This is evident from the curriculum that he has developed over the years and more importantly from the teachers that that he has nurtured to teach.


Morwenna Truscott 

Having discovered Ashtanga Yoga whilst training as a dancer in London, it soon became apart of her life, developing alongside her career as a dance teacher, eventually over taking it all together.  Drawing from her dance background and yoga experience, Morwenna teaches flowing Vinyasa Flow Classes with creative transitions and dynamic sequencing. Imaginative cueing allows her students to gain greater insight into their individual body alignments and develop a deeper awareness of their own physicality.

Morwenna is also a firm believer in the benefits of the traditional practice of Ashtanga Yoga. She believes that through repetition, routine and enquiry you are able to gain insight into your physical and mental patterns and are able to become more mindful of your thoughts and actions on and off the mat.

During her training at Kranti Yoga, Morwenna was introduced to Ayurveda, which has now become an important influence on her life, especially Ayurvedic diet and nutrition. She believes yoga and Ayurveda together form a complete approach for optimal health, vitality and higher awareness that can lead to greater transformation in your practise, your health and your awareness of others. Just like yoga it is a lifelong learning process that is only improved through practice and experience. 

After completing her training at Kranti Yoga she has been lucky enough to take classes with David Swenson, Sharath Jois, Shiva Rea and Meghan Currie. Teachers, yoga and people of all kinds continue to inspire and fuel the development of her practice and exploration of yoga.

In the words of Yogi Bhajan, Morwenna believes,  ‘To be happy in life you must do two things everyday, you must sweat and you must laugh.’ She hopes to ensure you do both on a daily basis at Kranti Yoga.

Morwenna is a long term Kranti Yoga student who visits us often to deepen their own practice, knowledge and teaching skills and share their knowledge with the Kranti village community.


Amelia Valls Ferrando

Amelia’s journey as a teacher started 10 years ago, having been trained in Pilates, Fitness and in Personal Training. She worked with a diverse range of people and communities. At that point she realized how much she loved to help people have a better, active life and decided to study a degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences, in Spain.

In 2014 she completed her 500 hrs YTTC at Kranti Yoga.  Initially, it was to complement her field of work and studies. However, during her training she developed a completely different point of view about the concept of health.  She realised that health is not just about the physical but the mind and soul also.  Through Yoga, Amelia found balance in her life.  She started to incorporate aspects of yoga philosophy not only on the mat but also in her everyday life. 

After studying at Kranti Yoga, she returned home and realised how much she missed The Yoga Village. She returned to assist on the YTTCs in order to develop herself as a Yoga Teacher.  Passionate about anatomy, she was quickly able to apply her knowledge in the Ashtanga Yoga practice, helping students on a daily basis to overcome the many obstacles faced physically.   As a teacher she encourages people to listen themselves and their individual capacity.  Amelia believes that we all are unique and have our own personal way to learn.

During the summer months, she works with a group of conflictive teenagers, helping them to control their emotions through yoga. She also continues her yogic learning journey throughout Europe and India and has recently trained with teachers David Swenson, Patrick Broome, Viswanathi and Vinay Kumar among others.  Amelia is eternally grateful to all her teachers, who have guided her towards being the person that she is today.  In gratitude of her teachers, she is determined to help others with their yogic journeys.

Amelia is a long term Kranti Yoga student who visits us often to deepen their own practice, knowledge and teaching skills and share their knowledge with the Kranti village community.


Grace Watson Farmer

Grace stumbled across yoga whilst living in Oxford 6 years ago and a regular practice quickly became a part of her lifestyle, particularly when recovering from a long standing shoulder injury.  Previously, Grace had been fuelling her lifelong passion for dance and movement by juggling part time Barre Concept teaching with a full time job, until she finally took the plunge and ditched the busy London based corporate life in pursuit of more Yoga. In 2014 she completed her 200 hour YTTC with Kranti Yoga, where she reignited her enthusiasm for movement and bodywork. She has been exploring the world and teaching yoga full time ever since and has never looked back!

Grace loves how yoga makes the world a smaller and more connected place and also enjoys exploring how Eastern and Yogic Philosophy can help to heal and rebalance us. Cultivating and nurturing an awareness of our mind, body and soul is one of the many reasons why Grace continues to seek and learn as much as she can on the topic of yoga; teaching at Kranti allows her to continually share and develop her knowledge and experience of all 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga.

Grace's style of teaching reflects the dynamic and flowing influences of her dance background, as well as encompassing the disciplined alignment focus of the Ashtanga techniques. Particularly fond of playful, fluid vinyasa sequences, she is also a firm believer in fostering a regular traditional Ashtanga practice to build strength and clarity in mind and in body. She believes that her daily Mysore practice has transformed her ability to focus and access the benefits of Yoga reaching far beyond just the physical and loves spreading these benefits to others through teaching Yoga.

Grace is a long term Kranti Yoga student who visits us often to deepen their own practice, knowledge and teaching skills and share their knowledge with the Kranti village community.


Béatrice Ayotte 

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Beatrice is deeply passionate about life and adventure. She has always been looking for new ways to get out of her comfort zone and push her boundaries. The practice of yoga helps her to challenge herself daily: mentally, physically and spiritually.

The desire to deepen her practice brought her to Kranti Yoga in May 2014. She completed her 200 hr YTTC. With a passion for Vinyasa Flow, the traditional Ashtanga Yoga helped her gain a deeper knowledge of details and technique and a better understanding of the human body. Since graduating, she quit fashion school to pursue her goal of becoming a full time yoga instructor. She has been teaching various styles of yoga in her hometown including Yin Yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Flow.  She has also branched out, teaching yoga to kids after completing her training in yoga for children in Montreal.

Beatrice believes that by practicing yoga, you get to know yourself better first through your body, your breath, your mind and all its patterns and therefore getting closer to your true essence, your Self. When you get to understand yourself better in your entirety, slowly you begin to understand everything better : people, nature, universal laws. You become more curious, more compassionate, more alive than ever. Yoga is a powerful transformative tool and she’s forever grateful to be able to help people to change their own lives through it, and therefore, change the world in her own way.

Having fallen in love with the traditional eastern yoga philosophy and the western creative yoga sequences, she has created her own practice that inspires and rejuvenates her and she hopes to share her love of it with you.

Beatrice is a long term Kranti Yoga student who visits us often to deepen their own practice, knowledge and teaching skills and share their knowledge with the Kranti village community.


Sally Bee

Always on the hunt for new escapades, Sally has always had a strong desire to learn and discover. She came to Kranti Yoga in 2015 to learn more about the tradition of yoga and to deepen and develop her own practice, subsequently completing her 200hr YTTC and 100hr Teacher Training Plus.

Born in London, Sally grew up with a love of culture. Having worked in a range of positions within the creative arts, she enjoys getting her hands dirty and allowing her imagination to roam. Sally weaves this creativity into her Vinyasa Flow classes, always emphasising the power and beauty of meditation.

Enjoying the harmony and richness it brings to her personal practice, Sally returns to deepen her own practice, knowledge and teaching skills and share her knowledge with the Kranti village community.


Dhira Krishna

Dhira Krishna Rupa Das is currently serving as a preacher and counselor in Goa.  He conducts regular courses of Bhagavat Gita and Srimad Bhagwatamin English and Hindi at different places in Goa. He has acquired Bhaktishastri, a certified course based on the teachings of Bhagavat Gita. He joined ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) full time in 2007 in Goa and has been initiated by H. H. Radhanath Swami Maharaj.

Dhira joins The Kranti Yoga Team to teach philosophy, in particular to teach Yoga In Gita. We are delighted to learn and share with him.    




Mara & Shanti

From very first enquiry, to confirming booking details and sorting your arrivals, Mara is in charge of everything guest related and particularly loves leaving handwritten notes for late night arrivals so they feel at home! She prides herself on making the whole booking process as easy, informative and carefree as possible so that you can join us in the magical Kranti Yoga village and have the time of your life!



Robert McWilliams 

Rob began teaching almost 10 years ago through his love for performing arts. After many years performing on stage he found himself delivering workshops to groups of budding performers, overcoming their fears and allowing himself to develop as a teacher in a field that he loved.


It was this background along with a keen interest in fitness that led Rob to yoga and ultimately into teaching yoga.  Rob completed his 500hr YTTC at Kranti Yoga and has since been teaching in locations around the world. During his classes Rob focuses on the breath, which can be more important than the asana. “Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness and unites your body to your thoughts”.


Rob is a long term Kranti Yoga student who frequently returns to us to deepen his own practice, knowledge and teaching skills and to share his energy and experiences with the Kranti village community.



The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.

B.K.S Iyengar