Top Ten Reasons To Choose Us!!

With so many Yoga Teacher Training Schools to choose from, not just in Goa but worldwide, here are our top ten reasons why you should come and stay with us at Kranti Yoga.

1. We have been delivering teacher training courses for 10 years with over 6000 students passing through our shala giving us one of the most trusted reputations in our community and beyond.

2. We are situated right on the beach with morning practice in our main shala overlooking the Arabian Sea.  You may be lucky enough to spot a dolphin or two at sunrise!!!  What more can you ask for.

3. Between classes, you can enjoy beach life.  Use your down time to swim in the sea, relax on one of our ‘residents only’ sun loungers or grab an ice cream and walk along the shoreline to the next beach.  Enjoy another amazing Goan sunset with a soda in one of the many beachfront bars and restaurants.  After a full day of yoga, you will deserve it.

4. The food and refreshments are delicious and plentiful.   We have specially prepared menus for vegan, raw vegan and gluten free guests upon on request.  While curry and rice is a staple here, we offer salads, soup, home made bread as non-Indian cuisine alternatives.

5.The courses are extremely structured and organized.  All modules compliment each other and a holistic approach to the Ashtanga Yoga practice is provided.  We have a really good balance of Western and Eastern influence.

6. Our teachers are more than happy to support you as best they can.  They are fully aware of the intensity of the course and are happy to guide you through.  They are always there for you and willing to share expertise.  You are more than welcome to arrange a tutorial with them to speak on a personal level.

7. Technical Workshops include Chaturanga, Transitions, Backbending and Hip Opening.  Our workshops are so much fun and really help to develop techniques needed.

8. Kranti Yoga provides a real family environment.  It is a great place to meet like-minded people (all with a huge passion for yoga) and you cannot help but feel welcome and at home.   There are hammocks, swinging beds and chairs throughout the shala.  Whether you want some quiet time or want to chill with new friends, there is always a place for you.

9. The Yoga Village is a safe environment with security and CCTV throughout the shala 24 hours a day.  With many single female guests arriving in India, often for the first time, this is extremely important to us. The Yoga Village is very much a closed community with high walls and limited access.  We want you to feel totally secure and safe.

10. The standard of accommodation is very high.  Beds are super comfortable with a mosquito net to ensure that you get a good nights sleep.  There are lots of storage facilities in each of the rooms with places to hang and put your things.  Choose from the garden or ocean view campus. We offer a range of accommodation, single and shared, to suit all budgets.  We have washing machines for you to use when needed.