Food & Kitchen at Kranti Yoga Village

We always promote a healthy diet at Kranti Yoga Village and all meals are freshly prepared for you daily.  We consider healthy nutrition food to be a very important part of your time with us.  With our multi-cultural cuisine we want to ensure that you are giving your body what it needs to support your daily yoga practice, health and well-being. We have an onsite health based Indian kitchen with wonderful cooks led by our Head Chef, Joan McGrath of New York who continues to delight us with her multi cultural specialities.  

Our courses or holiday packages include all your meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments throughout the day.  All meals are served buffet style with many options for you to choose from on a daily basis. Our dining area is in Sattva, the hub of the village.  Enjoy mealtimes here with your peers or maybe dine on your terrace should you want a little quiet time. 

Dining Hall Lunch

Our kitchen is at your service and ready to accommodate all your dietary requirements, whatever they may be.  We are strictly vegetarian and vegan focused, and can always cater for lactose intolerant, gluten free and more. Our kitchen is your kitchen. If there is something you need or crave, we will always try to help.

If you miss a meal, our cooks will always rustle something up for you. There is never a need to be hungry. 

All the food is sourced locally and so the menu will consist of seasonal fruit and vegetables.  Local produce is organically grown and bought on a daily basis.  We also buy groceries from nearby stores in order to support the local economy.

A typical daily menu:


Turmeric Ginger oats (water based)

Caramalized Nuts

Raw Nuts

Seasonal Fruit Salad

Poached Eggs

Bhaaji (type of various beans)


(vegan available)



Carrot and Lime Soup

Homemade Spiced Bread (Vegan)

Mint & Pea Brown Rice

Basmati Rice

Dhal (Lentil Curry)

Veggie Burger

Seasonal Salad

Mushroom Garlicky

Penne in a Coconut Cream Sauce



Seasonal Fruit Salad


Snack Time

Energy (Protein) Balls

Spinach Pakora


French Fries



Basil Chickpea Hummus

Olive Brown Rice

Roasted vegetables (Steamed available)

Vegetable Manchurian

Pasta with Housemade Tomato & Basil Sauce

Spinach Zucchini Pasta



Coconut Papaya Ice Cream

Banana Bread

Chocolate Banana Pie (Cashew Crust)

At the end of the day, we meet in Moksha for sunset.  After a full day of yoga, enjoy the sun setting over the Arabian Sea.  This is a favourite time for both students and teachers.  It is a blissful time to appreciate where you are, who you are with and what you have achieved.  Chai, fresh fruit juice and a range of teas are served throughout the day.  We have a coffee machine for you to make your own fresh coffee and Ayurvedic teas to help balance your dosha.  Fresh fruit and nuts are always available should you need some sustenance between mealtimes. 

Relaxing chairs

We aim to please and make sure that all tastes are catered for.  Ultimately, we always encourage our guests to eat healthily and hope that we provide enough information for you to make educated food choices. Your own self-discipline is crucial to eating healthily.

You will of course have time to try the local cuisine outside the shala. We have a prime location on Patnem Beach where you will find a range of restaurants serving a host of tasty and healthy choices.  You can choose from traditional Indian dishes or pick from a rich international menu that is widely available in most restaurants. The food in Patnem and neighbouring Palolem is some of the finest cuisine on offer in Goa. Patnem is renowned for a high standard of hygiene.

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